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Complaince Experts


We have experience in the recruitment of highly qualified and experienced Compliance Officers and experts in the field of Trade- , Legal-,  Finance- and ICT Compliance. During the past few decades the importance and need to comply to international trade laws and regulations have become more and more apparent. The degree by which your company can be affected by these laws depends a great deal on the type of products you produce, where you send them and of course who the recipient is. When you export any goods or services you must adhere to these laws and regulations. Failing to do so may lead to hefty penalties and a negative image of your company and could cost you a lot more than you bargained for..

The need to fully understand these complexities and adhere your company’s export protocols to these legal, trade and ICT regulations have become more and more important in today’s rapidly changing world. Trade Compliance has changed the way we do international business today and especially how we plan to do it in the future. Making sure your company has the competitive ‘edge’ and understanding the legal trade laws and obligations; you will need experienced Trade Compliance Officers. We understand this need and can assist you finding them..

Interimfase recruits International Trade-, Legal and ICT Compliance Experts for permanent- and temporary positions.

Please contact us here: recruitment@interimfase.nl


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